We are excited to announce the imminent arrival of "The Best of Jack de Keyzer, Volume One".  The official release date is Sep. 23 where we will be showcasing the album live at Hugh's Room, Toronto, Canada.

1 Music is the Food of Love (Blues Thing 2007)
2 Soul Lover (6 String Lover 2002)
3 Ride With Me (Corktown Sessions 2009)
4 Blues Thing (Blues Thing 2007)
5 Engine Trouble (6 String Lover 2002)
6 High On Your Love (Down in the Groove 1999)
7 That’s The Only Time (Blues Thing 2007)
8 Gambler’s Blues (Down in the Groove 1999)
9 Cotton Candy (Wild At Heart 1994)
10 Who Let The Cat Outta the Bag? (Willie Big Eyes Smith and the Juke Joint Rockers) 2004 previously not on any JDK disc
11 Nothing In The World (Silver Blues 2005)
12 My Love Has Gone (Live Waterfront Fest 2014) -unreleased
13 The Way That I Love You (Corktown Sessions 2009)
14 Hard Working Man (Unreleased session 2004)
15 Rock n Roll Girl (Live Diamond Club CBC 1990) -unreleased
16 Blue Train (Hard Working Man 1991)

Here are the liner notes: 

Well folks, here it is in all its ragged glory. Sixteen of what I consider my best tracks, spanning 24 years of recordings, condensed into 70+ minutes of blues, rock and soul good times! Opening with a lift from Bill Shakespeare, things start off swinging regally with Music is the Food of Love, which pretty well summons up three of my musical loves- blues, soul and jazz. Soul Lover is a Latin, blues romance inspired by Chicago Blues and Mexican heat. Next we hit the road and cruise in my old Cadillac-Texas style with Ride With Me. (I drive the Hyundai minivan now!) It features a great David McMorrow solo. Blues Thing, from the album of the same name, is somewhere between Hi, Stax, Memphis and Whitby, Ontario. Engine Trouble is one of my most popular tunes and this is the original version recorded at famed Liquid Sound, Toronto, which eventually had to close because of flooding and leaking pipes! High On Your Love is a soul rocker, evoking Stones and Stax. That’s The Only Time won the International Song Competition’s first prize for blues composition and kept me in guitar strings for a long time. I think it’s one of my best lyrics, but damn if I can ever remember them all! Gambler’s Blues is a rollicking nod to the King, featuring a young Tyler Yarema rocking the piano. Cotton Candy goes way back to my Bopcat rock’n roll days. Speaking of cats....Who Let The Cat (Out Of The Bag) is a super fun track with a bunch of Chicago and Toronto blues legends, including the great Willie “Big Eyes” Smith on drums and Bob Stroger on bass. Nothing in the World is one of my favourite and most personal tunes and was a hit on Country Music TV back in the late 90’s. This is the R&B version recorded live, featuring a fantastic Dave Dunlop solo. My Love Has Gone was recorded live in Toronto and has never been released on CD. I think it’s a passionate performance by everyone in the band. The Way That I Love You, combines, blues and soul jazz with some interesting Groove Dr keyboards. Next up Hard Working Man is an out take and is a funky Memphis style take on the tune that was the title track of my first solo album back in 1991. It features great solos from Martin Aucoin and Chris Murphy. Rock-a-billy was a big part of my career from 79-85 and Rock’n Roll Girl is a live CBC recording of a previously unreleased song. It is blazing. I may have to start playing a Telecaster again! Finally, my first commercially successful tune, Blue Train, although not blues, was written in honour of Muddy Waters. It’s been enjoyable and emotional revisiting all these memories and recordings. I hope you enjoy this record as much as I have loved putting it all together! JdK        
2X    7X Maple Blues Award Winner