2X   Juno Award Winner  7X Maple Blues Award Winner  
Photo Credit: Glenn Rodger
“Electric Love…a rock blues album with nods to guitar influences Clapton, Hendrix and Page… a disc of excellent new songs by a bluesman who should be considered their equal"   John Valenteyn, Maple Blues
"De Keyzer...returns in top form on Electric Love. On this collection of new originals, he successfully evokes the classic blues-rock sound pioneered by the likes of Hendrix, Page and Clapton. Female backing vocals and Hendrixian guitar work makes the title track a highlight, and there's more fiery fretwork on "Mojo Woman." "
- Kerry Doole , New Canadian Music (Nov 27, 2012)
De Keyzer has long been known for his accomplished songwriting, deft arrangements and distinctive string-bending but his evolution revolves around what is fast becoming his secret weapon: his voice. Elements of funk, R&B and traditional jazz permeate his blues credentials with a degree of confidence that borders on swagger...
Eric Thom/Exclaim

Jack De Keyzer - "Blues Thing" - Considering De Keyzer's multiple awards and achievements, it would be weird to think, this may be his strongest album. For me, the songs are the key. The ace guitar legend has also added a depth of jazz chops that are simply sparkling. If that was not enough his vocals are much stronger than on any of his past efforts. John Emms/ Daily Press

Canada’s Jack de Keyzer is a rare breed who can play it all: blues, funk, swing, and more. You’ll hear all of those styles on this CD. Here, his music has matured and his guitar tone has become one of the finest in Canada. Jack de Keyzer is a well rounded musician, who strives for perfection and attains it on this excellent CD.
Tim Holek/ Blues Bytes Top 10 of 2007

" It would take an entire separate page to list out the awards conferred upon Jack De Keyzer. He’s deserved every single one of them, but his latest release Blues Thing is absolutely out of sight. Jack’s at the very top of his game on this one..." Gary Tate jazzreview.com

BLUES THING/ Jack de Keyzer/ Bluestar Records/  9-out-of-10
So you like guitar blues, but with a big band feel, then you are in for a treat when you spin Blues Thing by Jack de Keyzer.
De Keyzer is the guitar slinger here, and a dang fine one, in addition to providing the vocals, and he shines there too.

CALVIN DANIELS-Yorkton This Week  Oct. 31, 2007 - Yorkton, SK.

"All's right in the world as long as Jack de Keyzer keeps on making records and bringing them home to Hamilton to play. His latest, Blues Thing, is simply superb."  Graham Rockingham/ Hamilton Spectator
"Blues Thing ...an entertaining album that includes straight-ahead rockin' blues, and influences from Stax Records southern soul feel. De Keyzer remains one of the most experienced and expressive blues players in the country."
Roger Levesque/ Edmonton Journal

5 Bottles of ‘Blue’ for another exceptional CD (Blues Thing) from Canada’s most talented and honest Blues Rocker.  May you have the opportunity to experience him ‘Live’ and get your head and heart re-focused.  This is what Music should be all about.   A. Grigg/ Real Blues Magazine

"Despite lightyear advances in technology, killer live albums seem harder to come by these days. BB’s Live at the Regal set the stage and it would be a challenge to name nine others. The great ones hit a nerve and present an artist in his prime, comfortable in his surroundings and firing – with his band – on all pistons. Such is the case with Silver Blues..."
Blues Revue/ Eric Thom
"His guitar suggests the more sophisticated teachings of Grant Green and Kenny Burrell while his vocals, too, have evolved bearing out his love of Marvin Gaye with tracks such as "That’s The Way". One of the album’s best tracks – the Bop Cats "Dressed To Kill" – gets all gussied up itself, underlining de Keyser’s gifts as composer and arranger. Yet the shining star here is Jack’s guitar – his signature tone and in-the-pocket leads never fail the faithful."
Penguin Eggs-  Canada's Folk, Roots & World Music Magazine
"Fans who like Jazz, Funk, and Blues, magically mixed together, will love this thoroughly enjoyable Live Album Silver Blues"
Blues Underground
"...de Keyzer’s music has matured, and his guitar tone has become one of the finest in Canada." 
Blues Beat Magazine/Western NY  Tim Holek
"In addition to blues, you’ll hear smooth jazz, adult oriented rock and soul. De Keyzer is well traveled, and his stylistic band operates like a well oiled machine.Musicians and a grown-up crowd will thoroughly enjoy."
South West Blues
The Strong Such As Jack de Keyzer Always Survive (headline)   Full Story
Blues Art Studio Magazine
"While 6 String Lover is a powerhouse record fuelled by de Keyzer's impeccable virtuosity, it only hints at his smoking live show"   Scene Magazine Sept 30, 2004 - Richard Moule
"One of Canada's premier blues guitarists" 
"A coveted super-hero in Canada.  6 String Lover  blends blues with elements of jazz, soul, r&b and early rock'n'roll."      Eric Thom  Blues Revue
"Killer tunes...one of the last true-blue rock'n rollers" 
Andy Grigg  Real Blues
"Blues bands would kill to sound as good as this crew"
Peter North  Edmonton Journal
Jack de Keyzer has a mystique about him that is rare among even the best known musicians. “Jack de Keyzer is in town” — the statement tingles with expectation, with the sense that something good is about to happen.
Bob Liddycoat  Hamilton View Magazine
"'Engine Trouble' is a masterpiece, invoking feelings of the late Muddy Waters at his best...sure to become a classic."
Stuart Blower  Live on Stage    
"Stepping in for MIck Taylor, the ex- Stones guitarist, didn't faze de Keyzer. Playing hot tunes from his latest album, 6 String Lover, he shone."
James Reaney  (London Free Press)
This CD has it all....a very nice mix of blues, groove, funk and even a couple of delta blues type cuts. "Funk This" great funk track, "Rock 'Til We Drop" neat rockabilly feel to it, "Soul Lover" and "Engine Trouble" are powerful blues tracks. This whole CD is awesome.  Actually one of my favourite CD's.  This album is highly recommended.
Luc Vanderdonckt   WinnipegBlues.com
"There's a line-up of people wanting to borrow it.  (6 String Lover) It's that good.  He's b-b-bad to the bone.  Get your own!"
Gary  Curtis  Hamilton Spectator
"The songwriting and artistry are this disc's greatest strengths. A stomping house party...mind-blowing guitar solos."
Tim Holek  Blues on Stage
6 String Lover runs the gamut from up tempo Rock ‘n’ Roll to slow old Blues, James Brown inspired R&B to Robert Johnson style Roots/Blues from the very beginnings of recorded Blues music... the whole CD is a winner from start to finish. This is also true anytime we’re lucky enough to be witnessing live, the genius that is Jack de Keyzer and his very special band.     J. Curtis  New York Blues & Jazz Society
"Jack de Keyzer's guitar playing and singing both have a commanding presence and he pulled out all the stops on this CD.  I hope one of the 'major' labels pick up this CD."    A+    Christopher Michaels (London Scene)
"6 String Lover...exudes spirit, class, stlye and the ever-present de Keyzer wit. This could be the album to finally garner the recognition long overdue."
Gary 17  T.O. Nite
"De Keyzer displays the mastery of straight-ahead blues, funk and soul that has earned him a reputation as one of the best musicians in this country."   Cam Hayden, Vue Weekly (Edmonton)
"A genuinely great and talented musician...his finest work to date...bound to be another award winner."
Stella Ducker  (Oshawa Life)
"I’m gonna keep on sayin’ it until he’s a superstar worldwide; if you love the smooth, smouldering guitar, soulful singing and the rockin’ blues then you MUST check out de Keyzer now."   Colin Bryce Mohair Sweets
Multi-talented Jack de Keyzer, a gifted songwriter, a mean guitarist and a smooth, sultry singer.   Ruth Schweitzer  Maple Blues
"Hot Stuff.." Roger Levesque,  Edmonton Journal 

"Possibly the greatest guitarist Canada has spawned in the genres of Blues and Rock 'n' Roll"   Andy Grigg  REAL BLUES  1999

"Down in the Groove should take de Keyzer's career to the next level. The songwriting is excellent...great guitar solos.   Some of the tunes have the potential to become blues classics...a mature artist who has found his voice.  I'm betting this album will garner a Juno nomination."     Christopher Michaels   London Scene Magazine  1999

"De Keyzer is at the top of his form...wicked, awesome, true blues.  A brilliant channel of positive musical energy.  This album will be constantly spinning on my CD player for a long time."   Luca D'Addario   Tandem News  Toronto  1999

"A guitar-slinger of rare talent"    Kerry Doole  MapleBlues/Toronto Blues Society

"Smoking ...wicked...de Keyzer's track record of being one of Canada's best guitarists is NOT hype!"  John Emms   Timmins Daily Press

"Canada's definitive roots rocker"     Peter North   Edmonton Sun

"The guy's a killer!"     John Mackie    Vancouver Sun

"One of the premiere guitarists in Canada"    Nick Krewen   Hamilton Spectator

"If you think the hippest, hottest bands are coming out of Los Angeles, you are mistaken!   More power to Jack de Keyzer, come show the Americans what we've been missing!"     Kathy Pellizzi   Los Angeles Film & Music

"Full of rhythm, alive, swinging and joyful.   Blues that gets you up dancing.  Universal, ageless, a Master!"   G Loiselle   La Frontiere  Rouyn Noranda

"Jack de Keyzer plays guitar like a man with his pants on FIRE!"       Liam Lacey    The Globe & Mail